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A: Dark Water Flies Humber River Series Polar Baits


Anglers Choice Flies


Humpies R: Tarpon Flies


DNA Clousers K: Regular Dry Flies

Teal Series

B: E.  Krystal Bugs R.A.T. Series This Is It Flies
Baitfish Emerging Bead Head Nymphs L:  S: Total Glow Flies
Baitfish Imitations Egg Sucking Leeches Leeches

Salmon Flies - Wet

Trout Flies

Beadhead Eggs Epoxy Minnows Weighted Long Tail Glitter Bugs Salmon Flies - Double Trout Minnows
Bead Head Nymphs Extended Body Mayflies


Salmon Flies - Double JC Trout Fly Nymphs
Beetles F: MacIntoish Salmon Flies - Wet JC Trout Streamers

Blood Worms

Flash Bombers Mackerel Flies Saltwater Flies Tube Flies
Bombers Flies with Eyes Matukas Saltwater Baitfish Flies W:
Bombers Split Wing Foam Bombers Marabou Muddlers S - Buck Bugs Whiskers

Foam Bugs


Sea Trout Shrimp

Woolly Buggers
Bugs - Double G: Mice Sheppard's Bombers Wooly Worms - Weighted
Buck Bugs Glitter Bombers Minnows Sheppard's Bugs Wulff Bombers
Bumble Bee Bombers

Glo Flies

Muddlers Smelt Tigers Wulff Dry Flies
Bunny Sculpins

Gold & Silver Series

N: Sparkle Duns


Bunny Streamers Grizzly Bugs Newfie Bugs Soft Wings Zonkers - Regular
Butterflies - Dry Grizzly Bugs - Double Nu-floatable Bombers Spey Flies Zonkers - Weighted
Butterflies - Wet Grouse Series  P: Steelhead Flies  
C: H: Paddy Francis Stoneflies  
Caddis Flies Hot Heads   Streamers  
Conehead Bunny Leeches Humber River Series   Humber River Series  
Cormack Specials Humpies   Humpies  
Cosseboom Series     Surf Candy  
Crystal Egg Flies        
Damsel Flies        
Dark Water Flies        
Deer Hair Frogs        
Double Bunny Flies        
Drifter Flies