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A: Dark Water Flies Humber River Series Polar Baits


Anglers Choice Flies


Humpies R: Tarpon Flies


DNA Clousers K: Regular Dry Flies

Teal Series

B: E.  Krystal Bugs R.A.T. Series This Is It Flies
Baitfish Emerging Bead Head Nymphs L:  S: Total Glow Flies
Baitfish Imitations Egg Sucking Leeches Leeches

Salmon Flies - Wet

Trout Flies

Beadhead Eggs Epoxy Minnows Weighted Long Tail Glitter Bugs Salmon Flies - Double Trout Fly Nymphs
Bead Head Nymphs Extended Body Mayflies


Salmon Flies - Double JC Trout Streamers
Beetles F: MacIntoish Salmon Flies - Wet JC Tube Flies

Blood Worms

Flash Bombers Mackerel Flies Saltwater Flies W:
Bombers Flies with Eyes Matukas Saltwater Baitfish Flies Whiskers
Bombers Split Wing Foam Bombers Marabou Muddlers S - Buck Bugs Woolly Buggers

Foam Bugs


Sea Trout Shrimp

Wooly Worms - Weighted
Bugs - Double G: Mice Sheppard's Bombers Wulff Bombers
Buck Bugs Glitter Bombers Minnows Sheppard's Bugs Wulff Dry Flies
Bumble Bee Bombers

Glo Flies

Muddlers Smelt Tigers


Butterflies - Dry

Gold & Silver Series

N: Sparkle Duns Zonkers - Regular
Butterflies - Wet Grizzly Bugs Newfie Bugs Soft Wings Zonkers - Weighted
C: Grizzly Bugs - Double Nu-floatable Bombers Spey Flies  
Caddis Flies Grouse Series  P: Steelhead Flies  
Cormack Specials H: Paddy Francis Stoneflies  
Cosseboom Series Hot Heads   Streamers  
Crystal Egg Flies Humber River Series   Sub Bugs  
D: Humpies   Surf Candy  
Damsel Flies        
Dark Water Flies        
Deer Hair Frogs        
Double Bunny Flies        
Drifter Flies