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Please read the information on How to use the Excel Order Forms to request a price quote.


How to use the Excel Order Forms


Retail customers can access the Excel Order Forms from our homepage and clicking on Excel Order Forms at the top of the homepage.


Retail customers can also access the Excel Order Form on clicking on the Excel Order Form links in their customer account.


When you have the Excel Order Form opened,


You will see

The Excel Order Form has a number of spreadsheets which appear along the bottom of the screen. You can go back and forth on these spreadsheets.


Each spreadsheet may have several hyperlinks to provide you more information.


If the spreadsheets are too large for a page view, reduce the zoom percentage.


Necessary Information

On the very first spreadsheet Order Form, Order Form, fill in


Contact Information

Put a lowercase x in the cell next to your country

Canadian customers put a lowercase x in the cell next to your province


Ordering Information

Then enter your order Qty, Size, Color etc.

Use the Account Summary to check totals

Use Product Sheet to see product information


You can reset a cell entry by entering the digit 0 (zero).


Save the Excel Order Form and email it as an attachment.


We understand that not all customers have the same technology, and may not be able to access features or use certain programs like Microsoft Excel.


During the months of June to August we operate from our store location Sheppard’s Store.


Communications by social media is limited. Our Facebook is often overloaded.


You may contact us by email, by phone with our business numbers, or by fax with our fax numbers.


Any suggestions for improvement to our Customer Login would be greatly appreciated.


John Sheppard

Straight Line Sports and Sheppard’s Store