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Sheppard's Store is the outlet for Straight Line Sports from June to September.
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The daily Introductory Fly Special expires on the calendar date posted. Orders can be prebooked for delivery at a specified date.
We reserve the right to change the listings of Introductory Fly Specials depending on availability. Request a price quote before making payment so we may adjust for postage.
It is best to email your wish list so I may do a Price Quote for you and adjust for postage cost.
FREE FLY DAYS! On the calendar dates posted, we will offer a FREE FLY SAMPLE of our choice to the first 10 people that email us their mailing address. Only one free fly sample per mailing address.
1 FREE FLY DAY 2 Blue Charm 3 Trout Streamer Silver-White Tail 9X 4 Trout Streamer Silver Black Red Tail 9X 5 Trout Streamer Silver Blue Blue Tail 9X
6 Blood Worm 7 Mylar Minnow Silver Red Tail 8 Horn Cased Caddis 9 Trout Streamer Silver Orange Orange Tail 9X 10 Pike Fly Red & White
11 Wiggle Tail Smelt Silver & Black - Weighted 12 Smelt Bite - Weighted Silver with Red Tail 13 Smelt Puff Green & Chartreuse - Weighted 14 Smelt Baiter 6X Holographic Fl. Chartreuse 15 FREE FLY DAY
16 Trout Streamer Silver Green Green Tail 9X 17
Smelt Bite - Weighted 
18 Smelt Bite - Weighted 9X 19 Smelt Jig Silver & Black - Weighted 20 Smelt Fly - Olive Weighted
21 Sub Bug Green/Fluorescent Green Tip Silver 22 Smelt Tiger - Royal Blue 9X 23 FREE POSTAGE Day. Certain conditions may apply.
24 Smelt Tiger - Purple 9X 25 Smelt Tiger - Orange 9X
26 Smelt Tiger - Polar White 9X 27 Smelt Tiger - Gold 9X 28 Smelt Streamer Green/Silver/Pearl - Green 9X 29 Smelt Streamer Purple/Silver/Pearl-Purple 9X 30 FREE FLY DAY
  Email us a list of flies and sizes you would like to see on special                
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