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Golden Pheasant

Skin only $16.75
Complete tail $13.50
Head No. 1  $9.67
Head No. 2  $5.75
Crest No. 1  $6.25
Tippet Neck $4.67
Tippets (8/pkg)  $1.59

Silver Pheasant

Silver Pheasant Body Feathers (12)  $2.30
Silver Pheasant Wing Quills (pr) $2.30
Silver Pheasant Complete Skin

Check the availability before ordering

Ring Neck Pheasant

Ring Neck Pheasant Skin Male $13.95
Ring Neck Pheasant Skin Female $13.95
Ring Neck Pheasant Bag $1.79

Amherst Pheasant

Amherst Pheasant Head No. 1 $12.75
Amherst Pheasant Head No. 2 $8.00
Amherst Pheasant Skin No. 1 $12.75

Lady Amherst Skin

Lady Amherst Skin (No head/no tail) $15.90