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Antron Yarn Sunrise Kits Danville Nylon Stretch Uni-Yarn Lagartun Silk Uni-Glo Yarn Metallic Braid Piping Tinsels
Egg Yarn Larva Lace Crystal Egg Balls Rubber Hackle Vinyl Tubing Waxes Latex Lureflash
Polypropylene Rabbit Strips Swannundaze Scud Backs Chenilles Flosses Foam Bodies Dubbing



Colors Available: White, Brown, Ginger, Chinchilla, Charcoal Grey, Black, Yellow, Orange, Red, Leech Red, Golden Olive, Olive, Dark Olive, Rusty Brown, Golden Brown, Dark Brown, Green, Blue, Mouse Grey, Tan, Purple, Fl. Pink, Fl. Red, Fl. Chartreuse, Fl. Orange, Fl. Yellow, Fl. Flame, Burnt Orange, Lt. Grey, Lt. Olive, Fl. Green, Shad Grey
Rabbit Strips $3.45
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