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Lure and Spinner Components

A: Ant Jigs Clevises I: Ice Tick Jigs Prism Lure Tape Split Rings
B:  Bags - Plastic Connection Sleeves J: Jigging Spoons R: Rubber Skirts Split Shot - Tin
Beads - Metal Containers

K: Kits

Rondelle Bands Spring Locks
Beads - Plastic Crimping Sleeves L: Lady Bug Jigs Round Rubber Spoons
Beads - Sleeve Crimping Tool Leadhead Jigs S: Sinkers - Clinkers Squid Skirts

Blades - Colorado

D: Die Cut Prism Tape Lure Tape Sinkers - Rubber Core Swimming Jigs - Painted

Blades - French

Dip Dyes M: Lady Bug Jigs Sinkers - Split Shot Swimming Jigs - Unpainted

Blades - Indiana

Duo Lock Snaps Mini Tube Tails Short Shank Jigs T: Teardrops 
Blades - Plastic E: Eye buster Minnow Head Jigs Soft Foam Floaters Tube Tails

Blades - Propeller

F: Flexible Tubing Minnow Tubes Spacer Sleeves Twintails

Blades - Raw

Floating Jigs N: Nylon Hair Skirts - Silicon V: Vinyl Paint

Blades - Ripple

G: Glow Body Jigs P: Perch Eye Jigs Skirt Assembly Tool

Z:  Zip Lock Bags

Blades - Sonic In-Line

H: Hang Tabs

Plastic Bodies Skirt Weights  
Bismuth - Body Jigs Hooks - Mustad Plastic Tubing

Spinner Bodies

Bismuth - Hawg Spoons Hooks - Treble Powder Paint Spinner Shafts  
C: Candles - Smokeless