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The toughest finish ever put on a lure. The vinyl characteristics of this paint makes it extremely effective against chipping. Lures can be dipped or sprayed. Spraying may require multiple coats.

For best results on fluorescent colours use the white undercoat. (The white may also be used as a finish coat.)

To obtain a HIGH GLOSS apply CLEAR as a finish coating.

Glow is highly PHOSPHORESCENT and will glow up to 16 hours. (For best results use two coats over white undercoat.) Glows a bright luminescent Green.

Vinyl Finish colours have a shelf life of 1 to 3 years.
Vinyl Paint 1 0z. $2.90
Vinyl Paint 1 Litre $ 45.00

Colours available: Black, White, Clear, Red, Hot Yellow, Flame Red , Hot Pink, Purple, Blue, Brown, Green Chartreuse, Yellow Chartreuse, Blaze Orange, Bright Green, Orange, Green Pearl White Pearl, Yellow Pearl, Silver Pearl

Vinyl Paint Glow in the Dark oz  $2.95
Vinyl Paint Glow in the Dark Litre $33.00

Colors available: Green, Hot Pink, Blaze Orange, Yellow Chartreuse, Green Chartreuse, Flame Red

Vinyl Paint Thinner 1 oz. $1.20
Vinyl Paint Thinner 1 Litre $15.75


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