Straight Line Sports Salmon Flies (Wet)

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Big Intervale Blue Orange Shrimp Torrent River Special Yellow Moose Cullman's Choice Yellow Torrish
fly007 fly008 fly009 fly011 fly012
White Thunder & Lightning Roger's Fancy Orange Blossom Special Silver Blue Thunder & Lightning (Original) Anne Greenway
fly013 fly014 fly015 fly016
Red Tip - Silver Rib Monroe Killer Grizzly King Conne River Special Icy Blue Fiery Brown
Black Jack Dusty Miller Black Fly (Black Wing) Black Doctor Hairy Mary Blue Tip - Silver Rib
fly025 fly027 fly029 fly030
Capelin Fly Blue Charm Brown Samson Special Mar Lodge Blue Charm (Brown Wing) Purple & Blue

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Blue Doctor Blue Charm (Grey Squirrel Wing) Lomond River Special Coachman Colburn Special - Green Copper Killer

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