Straight Line Sports Salmon Flies (Wet)

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fly039 fly040 fly042
Night Hawk Orange Charm Lemon Tip (Brown Wing) Dunkeld White Blue Charm Special Undertaker
fly043 fly044 fly047
Silver Tip Silver Rib White Lightning - Green Tip  Silver Grey Gold Rib Silver Doctor
fly049 fly051 fly052 fly053
Evening Fly Lemon Grey Lemon Tip White Samson Special Silver Moose Polar White
fly056 fly057 fly058 fly060
Orange Tip - Silver Rib Green Tip White Lightning Colburn Special (Orange) Jock Scott Black Fly (White Wing)
fly061 fly062 fly063 fly064 fly065 fly066
Paramachene Belle Clergyman Emson Blue Cow Dung White Moose Lightning Bug
fly067 fly068 fly069 fly070

Green Highlander Fl. Green Lightning Ruthledge Fly Black Dose


Blue Thunder
Ice Blue

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