Straight Line Sports


To promote fly-fishing we are reaching out to fly tiers and anglers.


For the fly tier, we offer a selection of fly-tying materials for fly-tying and share information on fly-tying. We also buy, tie, and sell flies and have a community post for fly tiers to post and sell some of their flies. We also share fly pattern descriptions and information on fishing. Message or email any inquiries.


For the anglers, outfitters, and businesses we offer a selection of flies to buy, and we share information on fishing. We also provide information on guiding services and outfitting. Message or email any inquiries.


 Also, in accordance with our customer appreciation policy, we give away a few FREE flies to new customer contacts.


Visit our website to see our selection of fly-tying materials and flies.

Our preferred means of communication is by email since we are busy with fly-tying and customer services.

John Sheppard

Straight Line Sports

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(Registered and established Business 1981)

(May to October I am often in Western, Newfoundland)