Gift Certificate


A Gift Certificate from Straight Line Sport can be purchased for any amount redeemable for the purchase of products and is not redeemable for cash.


We print an electronic copy of the Gift Certificate and will forward the Gift Certificate to the address provided. The Gift Certificate has no expiry date.


See attachment


All we need to know is the amount, the name of the person to receive the Gift Certificate and the address of the person to receive Gift Certificate.


The Gift Certificate can be emailed to an address provided along with a special notation at your wish


We keep a record of Gift Certificate, so the person does not have to present the Gift Certificate to make a purchase.


The Gift Cer6tificate is only valid if it has been dated and has my signature.


When I receive the information, I will keep a copy on file and email or post you and the recipient a copy of the Gift Certificate.  You may print the Gift Certificate I authorize, or I can post it.


Payment Information.



John Sheppard

Straight Line Sports