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Salmon Flies - Wet

Salmon Flies - Wet Single $2.00

Sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12

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Salmon Flies - Wet Singles JC $3.00

Sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12

Specify Patterns & Size
Salmon Flies - Wet Doubles $4.00

Sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10

Specify Patterns & Size
Salmon Flies - Wet Doubles JC $5.00

Sizes 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10

Specify Patterns & Size

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Click on the salmon fly pattern to see a digital image.  

Alphabetical list of Sheppard's Salmon - Wet Flies. On-line fly Retail orders of over $60.00 net within Canadian and United States is posted FREE. We refund your PayPal account the postage charged.

A: Clergyman Grizzly King Orange Riffle Silver Tip
Anne Greenway Light Coachman H: Orange Shrimp Snow Ball
B: Colburn Special (Green) Hairy Mary Orange Tip (Gold Rib) T:
Badger Colburn Special (Orange) I: Orange Tip (Silver Rib) The Chief
Barnes Special Conne River Special Ice Blue P: The Ned
Black Doctor Conrad Icy Blue Paramachene Belle Thunder & Lightning (Green Tip)
Black Doctor (Green Tip) Conrad Special Icy Blue (Green Tip) Pass Lake Thunder & Lightning (Humber)
Black Dose Copper Killer J: Pink Lady Thunder & Lightning Special
Black Dose (Green Tip) Copper Tip Jock Scott Polar White Torrent River Special
Black Fly (Black Wing) Cow Dung L: Potato Fly U:
Black Fly (White Wing) Cullman's Choice Laxa Blue Preacher Undertaker
Big Intervale Blue D: Lemon Grey Priest Union Jack
Black Bear (Green Tip) Daddy' Girl Lemon Tip (Original) Purple & Blue W:
Black Bear (Orange Tip) Dunkeld Lemon Tip (Brown Wing) R: White Blue Charm
Black Bear (Red Tip) Dusty Miller Lightning Bug Red Abbey White Blue Charm (Green Tip)
Black Jack E: Lomond Special Red Moose White Blue Charm (Red Tip)
Blue Charm Emson Blue M: Red Tip (Gold Rib) White Blue Charm Special
Blue Charm (Brown Squirrel Tail) Evening Fly Mar Lodge Red Tip (Silver Rib) White Lightning
Blue Charm (Green Tip) F: Mar Lodge (Green Tip) Roger's Fancy White Lightning (Blue Tip)
Blue Charm (Grey Squirrel Tail) Fiery Brown Mitchell Shady Lady White Lightning Special
Blue Charm (Red Tail) Fish Hawk Monroe Killer Silver Blue White Moose
Blue Charm (Red Tip) Fl. Green Lightning Murray's Special Silver Blue (Green Tip) White River of Ponds Special
Blue Doctor G: Night Hawk Silver Doctor White Samson Special
Blue Thunder Gold Rib None of Your Business Fly Silver Doctor (Green Tip) White Thunder & Lightning
Blue Tip (Gold Rib) Gold Tip Noseworthy Special Silver Grey Y:
Blue Tip (Silver Rib) Green Highlander O: Silver Grey (Green Tip) Yellow Moose
Brown Samson Special Green Tip (Gold Rib) Orange Blossom Special Silver Moose Yellow Torrish
C: Green Tip (Silver Rib) Orange Charm Silver Rib  
Capelin Fly   Orange Puppy    

Special fly orders - send us a sample.